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The full moon readings you will feel unravel for a few days after the moon. Whatever is brought to light will be felt the most Tuesday through Thursday. The best aspects of the week involve Lilith and Mercury. That’s very sexy, communicative energy. With Saturn and Pluto out of retrograde, our sad lessons of the summer are complete. We have learned what we needed to learn and released that which no longer serves us. Everyone is going to be feeling much happier this week.

The energies for Monday are going to set the tone for the entire week. Though there will be an evolution as the moon moves, a lot of the circumstances discussed for each sign today are going to affect us all week. There is a lot of sexual energy floating around. There could be love triangles, jealousy, and fights this week. Especially on Monday as the moon in Scorpio opposes retrograde Uranus in Taurus. Uranus controls unexpected things, good and bad, and I will discuss the different ways that circumstances can go for each sign in this reading. There will be more of an unexpected nature to emotions Monday than to occurrences. You may just discover feelings that you have had that you didn’t even realize. The moon will move out of this uncomfortable opposition by tomorrow so everyone should check back for Tuesday’s horoscope to find out about taking action. Mind your words and actions today. You’re coming from an irrational place because of the awkward vibe. Even the most steady minded people are going to have uncomfortable thoughts. When these come, try to redirect your area of focus to the positive aspects mentioned for your sign.

This weekend is all about finding the silver lining in all occurrences. We still have mixed energy going on that can be confusing. The universe is counting on you to make micro-decisions as you define a path for yourself that will lead you into November. 2019 has been quite the karmic year for everyone. As we move into a new decade we look back and see that we have unloaded significant things this year to open us up to new opportunities for love and abundance in 2020. October will be the last month of releasing things that no longer serve us so choose wisely. Your personal horoscope this weekend will help you to make the right decisions for your sign based on the energies of the moment. Friday will be a lot more tense than the rest of the weekend. Finish up what you’ve been releasing this week and be ready for the new moon on Saturday. Set your intention for the rest of the month on Saturday and be glad that you got through this week. It was a challenge for mind, body and spirit every step of the way. What an obstacle course!

Chiron, the wounded healer, is opposing the sun today. That is a huge clash involving our identities and past traumas. A lot of people will be reverting to whoever they were at critical times of development, like ages five through eight. What was going on for you during these times? However you were shaped at that critical time has a gigantic influence on how you relate to the world. You may be becoming self-aware of your own character flaws that are rooted in confusion you felt as a child. Check your horoscope to see how this aspect, amid many other aspects of the moment, will affect your day.

We have just experienced the equinox and are now securely in Libra season. Venus is becoming visible in the sky after having been hidden for the last few months. With Venus energy back everyone should be able to manifest love and abundance. November will be exceptionally great for this since some major planets are coming out of retrograde. In November there will be many nice aspects for us all. Use October to refine what you’ve learned over the summer. On to bigger and better things!

There are microscopic choices that will be happening throughout the day for many signs. It’s so important to follow your heart today. We are granted with the energy of the moon conjunct our personal karma. There will be an inherent sense of knowing for people today. If anything feels off don’t do it. If anything seems right but at the expense of a little pride: Do it. Pride never brings anything good. It costs you jobs, friendships and love. Get over yourself and be cool af today. You’re Mother Teresa for one day. Take a risk outside your comfort zone to right a wrong. Ease the suffering of someone else. Think of the greater good.

People are just annoying today to those who are tuned in. Everyone seems to think that they are executing some magnificent game while Romance Future readers are aware of the facade. Just watch the tomfoolery and go get mimosas after if you need to. You’ve earned it.

Today you may be wondering why everyone doesn’t see the world how you see it. You may be getting annoyed with everyone who made you feel bad in the past and just start demanding respect. Walk tall and be secure. Everyone is shifting right now. People are sick of playing into dated belief systems. Society is catching up. Be strong in who you are.

Friday is about having respect and giving love. Show kindness to the most difficult people and your life will improve. Health is strongly connected to mindsets right now. Everyone needs to outsmart themselves. When your mind starts telling you negative things you need to shut it down. Start retraining your brain because perception is everything. When you start to see the good all around you more good will manifest.

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