Saturday August 10, 2019 energy: The end of duality

Saturday is complicated but only if you make it that way. There’s an air of butting heads throughout the day between new philosophy and old wisdom. The key to success on Saturday is integrating both sides into a divine whole. Duality ends when we are one. This is your chance to resolve any rifts in your life and move forth always as the bigger person. If more people did this there would be no more small people.

We’ve got some tension between Neptune and Jupiter on Saturday. This is interesting because Neptune rules Pisces, a sign that was classically ruled by Jupiter before Neptune was discovered on September 23, 1846. Before that Sagittarius and Pisces were both considered to be of Jupiterian energy. Then there was a separating off when Neptune was designated as the ruler of Pisces.

Neptune has mysterious energy. Pisces is the best sign in which to have your north node. Through our lives we develop from our south nodes through a series of unfortunate events into our north nodes. To me, Neptune involves deep, dark knowing. It’s the 12th house. Neptunian energy people are conniving yet cunning people. They know how to work it to obtain the most desired ends.

Neptune and Jupiter are brothers in Roman mythology. Neptune is the ruler of the sea. Jupiter is the ruler of the sky and the king of all gods. Siblings always have their rifts, but when they unite create a system of unity that is impenetrable. On Saturday there is a tension between these two great planets that in astrology is called a square. They are 90 degrees apart, an aspect that signifies a power struggle. The way to ease this aspect to enjoy other nice aspects is through compromise. Neptune energy people can appreciate the insight of Jupiter energy people. Jupiter energy people can read between the lines and respect the understanding Neptune energy people have, though often left unsaid. Neptune plays close to the vest.

On Thursday or Friday night you might have noticed the most brilliant sight with Jupiter appearing as this giant behind the moon. The moon radiated out light in beams. It was magnificent! Jupiter is truly gigantic!

Jupiter is 7x the size of Neptune! Good luck in a fight brother Neptune.

Since Neptune is one of the newer planets it’s interesting to consider what happened for the 36,000 years before it was discovered. I think that this would be similar to what happens when a planet goes into its shadow phase. This happens anytime a planet goes retrograde. When the planet is not visible to be observed its power is said to not be felt. With this in mind, I think that the areas in which Neptune governs would not have been relevant before it was discovered. This means that all the fishes started their slippery business after 1846.

The age of Pisces started around the time of Christ. The time of Christ was also the time of Cleopatra, Caesar and Ptolemy. Considering the length of an “age,” over 2000 years, these ultra-famous historical characters were all contemporaries. The texts of this time are fascinating but also all that’s survived. We have to think of the destruction of the Roman Empire. The burning of the Library at Alexandria. What knowledge there was outside the Age of Pisces was not desired by the brute force that initiated the dark age that has been the last 2000+ years and is the basis for most knowledge obtained through our formal education system.

Now there is a collective awakening underway. Ancient knowledge has been held by secret societies and executed for their gain. This goes back to alchemy, Gnosticism, Kabbalah, and the Knights Templar. Anyone who obtained and applied this knowledge in the Age of Pisces was considered a heretic. We have all been liberated significantly since the Age of Aquarius was widely celebrated as the late 60s flower children ushered in its magic. During this time there was a mass suppression of those who were expanding their minds. We are still feeling that yet huge strides to the contrary are being made everyday. Marijuana is becoming universally legal in the United States. Our case law is also under review as a result. Joe Rogan openly talks about the benefits of ayahuasca as a potential cure for depression. People are flocking to Rythmia as a result. It’s clear that there is a demand for alternative medicine and spirituality is a huge part of this.

Our whole way of doing things is under review. Jupiter, king of gods, has been meditating all summer in retrograde. Now that the great benefic is entering an alpha state there are some things under review. Jupiter is the great philosopher. This challenge between Neptune and Jupiter on Saturday could be deeply related to the shifts in culture that are happening. Jupiter is surveying the scene in preparation for its shift in direction on the 11th.

Uranus is also largely powerful right now as it shifts into retrograde on the 11th as Jupiter shifts out. Uranus is the planet that rules the Age of Aquarius. It was discovered (1781) right around the time that the United States became a recognized nation (1776). Uranus is going to go within as this retrograde begins. It’s taking a last look at things from a place of solitude on Saturday. Then I see Uranus deeply going over what it has learned so far in the Age of Aquarius which likely started in 2012 where the Mayan calendar had ended. Uranus will meditate starting Sunday and going through January 2020. At that time it will emerge and apply major knowledge to the social sphere as we begin the election year.

Beyond the Uranus retrograde, and the butting heads of Jupiter and Neptune, there are all favorable aspects on Saturday. Enjoy this moment of peace. The last two years have been full of tension in retrogrades and challenging aspects between planets. We are getting over our hangups. All that old stuff that has bothered us in the past has floored us all summer to the point where we had to let it go for fear of being destroyed. Now we’ve all developed our own coping mechanisms. We’ve let go of a lot of things. Somehow we’ve rationalized things in our own minds to a point that they no longer burden us. We have learned lessons that guide us in our future actions but we are not beating ourselves up anymore. This is the energy of Saturday.

Integrating these lessons offers a solution in the area of personal wealth. When a person has a heavy heart it is difficult for them to experience heaven. Ancient civilizations would weigh a person’s heart when they would die and if they hadn’t lived a righteous existence it would show on the scale. If the heart was heavy the person was not allowed into heaven. This person would then go to hell, which to me is simply an unsavory reincarnation. The next life would then be more challenging and the lessons one was to learn in the previous life would be reintroduced until integrated.

What was taught during the Age of Pisces, that people should go without and thus be pious and deserving of salvation, is giving way to an age where salvation happens here and now. That’s so much more beautiful. That we can have heaven on earth. So start building it. Get to a place of higher vibration with these nice aspects on Saturday and put in some work. I always stress that Saturday is the day to put in work to reap lasting rewards.

Saturn will be in the collective 2nd house of personal wealth on Saturday in the afternoon. There is a beautiful aspect here with Neptune. Start applying that Neptunian understanding that you’ve gained over your lifetime to your ventures on Saturday. If you are seeing the world in a new light, mix things up a bit. What new undertakings you integrate Saturday afternoon will bring you things you’ve never had. “If you do what you always did, you’ll get what you always got.”

A message from the Tao Te Ching

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