Weekend horoscopes for all signs: Friday September 27th through Sunday September 29th

This weekend is all about finding the silver lining in all occurrences. We still have mixed energy going on that can be confusing. The universe is counting on you to make micro-decisions as you define a path for yourself that will lead you into November. 2019 has been quite the karmic year for everyone. As we move into a new decade we look back and see that we have unloaded significant things this year to open us up to new opportunities for love and abundance in 2020. October will be the last month of releasing things that no longer serve us so choose wisely. Your personal horoscope this weekend will help you to make the right decisions for your sign based on the energies of the moment. Friday will be a lot more tense than the rest of the weekend. Finish up what you’ve been releasing this week and be ready for the new moon on Saturday. Set your intention for the rest of the month on Saturday and be glad that you got through this week. It was a challenge for mind, body and spirit every step of the way. What an obstacle course!

Aries: On Friday you seem a little lost in your view of the world. Your personal philosophy is in disagreement with your inner sense of knowing. It’s possible that you are developing a new life philosophy as a result. It seems that you will come to terms with things a bit by Saturday. All of a sudden a new window will open up that will shed light on your situation. You will look around you and see your life in a different way. Though nothing will have changed, in a way everything will change. Saturday is a great day for love and communication. On Sunday you will find peace with something that has weighed on your consciousness. You have learned a lot from a professional mentor or through your dedication at work. Try to be present on Sunday by not overthinking things. There is a deep dark ocean that you could get lost in. Be patient. The answers that you need will come. You still don’t have all of the information.

Taurus: Your health is suburb right now. The only thing causing you issues is your conscience. You have unfinished business that weighs heavily on you. Someone endured wounds. This could involve a back and forth cycle of hurt. You could also experience an undertone on Friday of resent, either toward someone or about something. Some recent ending has made you more vibrant. You are starting to feel love again but you also have a guilty conscience somehow. You might just be overthinking things that you don’t understand. This a waste of time. If something doesn’t make sense then focus on what fits into your personal belief system. This is YOUR world that we’re talking about. Your destiny is connected to YOUR value system, not anyone else’s.

Gemini: On Friday your communication will shine in discussing an ongoing matter. Be persuasive. Luck will be on your side when you rely on your inherent gift of gab. You can talk your way out of anything. If there has been an ongoing fight with anyone, you’re going to win it this weekend. Winning could just be an understanding between parties to let sleeping dogs lie. Geminis who are dating could miraculously end up in a committed relationship this weekend. There is a potential that some people will get engaged or even married. If you’d been wanting to take your relationship to the next level with someone, this weekend could be a good time to initiate a formal union.

Cancer: Your personal identity is in line with your destiny so don’t lose hope. You may feel unsupported since there are not many aspects revealing how your current situation will benefit you, but know that whatever you’re doing now is integral in manifesting the rest of your soul journey. Spiritually you are being tested. What you can see is that there is a lot of love coming from your group of friends. There is a profound amount of luck that is connected to these people. You are very blessed right now. Give thanks to the powers that be. Sometimes a little gratitude to the universe can overwhelmingly clear your path. What was hazy before can be revealed with some wholehearted requests. If you do not believe in prayer, understand that your spoken word materializes the experience around you. Speak assuredly in an optimistic manner about your ideal circumstances. Communication and love are the keys to your health. See how this applies in your unique situation. If circumstances are overwhelmingly tough it can’t hurt to get down on your knees and pray every night. Your prayers might involve asking for signs in figuring out what direction to go regarding your career path. Your work life is causing you unnecessary stress. What doesn’t bend will break. Some situation at work is coming to a head. You are being sent down a different path potentially that may involve the home. This is connected to Saturn. Saturn governs life cycles that range from 27-30 years. If you are not being guided to work from home then your next great life cycle will have to do with your mother, mother energy, or emotional awakenings. A clue could come to you if you examine your most nurturing parent. What did this parent represent? Something about that is integral on your next journey. Something that you’ve been fighting for will manifest in your favor on Saturday. This is a gigantic clue for you. Watch for signs.

Leo: Something about your religion, or family belief system growing up, is not in alignment with how you project yourself to the world. You could suffer because you are not accepted by your family. If your parents were divorced, you might have been lost in the mix somehow. Try to move toward a lifestyle that incorporates more of the motherly energy of the home in which you grew up. Water in your life is significant somehow. If you live by the water spend some time swimming, or going surfing, before the weather gets too cold. Everything you worry about will melt away as you are challenged by the waves of the ocean. If you are not by the ocean, take note of the movements of water around you. Water is always grounded and molds around to fill whatever space is available and becomes level. Toning down your firey energy is to your benefit right now. You need to do some deep diving. If you do you will realize that your destiny is rooted in your subconscious mind. Be observant of dreams that you have, and also of what you think about before bed and upon waking. There are dormant sensibilities that will become active in the near future and guide you on your soul path.

Virgo: You are emotional about your sex life with your spouse or long-term partner. There’s some intense energy indicating that you got cut off somehow, or something negative happened sexually with this person. You may have had a threesome, or someone cheated. Neither is ever a good idea in a long-term relationship. It’s also possible that you’re living a lie and it is getting too overwhelming for you. Your sexual experiences are hurting your personal identity. This has to do somehow with your mother or home life. Maybe your partner has similar qualities to your mother, or father if he took more of a feminine role in your household. Your financial situation might be changing because of some blow you’ve endured related to some ending. You may have been cut out of an inheritance or trust of some sort. Saturday and Sunday will have great vibes for going out with someone you hadn’t been getting along with. You might spend too much money if you do this though. You could be celebrating a financial win having to do with your own money or assets. Though times are tough, soon you will reap gains that you had been fighting for. Focus on your own endeavors, not trying to mooch off of others or obtain angel funds. You are establishing yourself independently at the moment but there is always opportunity in the future for the tides to change. Keep checking your horoscope for indications of when outside funding, or gift money, is well supported.

Libra: You may be sick in some way related to past sexual encounters. There is something deep and hidden that has caused you to endure physical malady or mental illness. Some long-term relationship has been substituted into the space of a deep trauma that you have experienced. Because of this, you have suffered more trauma at the hands of a significant other. This is a cycle and you have to stop welcoming in place holders for this bad energy. You keep taking on a role that hurts you. Break that cycle if this applies. You could alternatively be dealing with a significant other who has severe identity issues connected to his or her own childhood trauma. Friday is about feeling your way around a new understanding of why we experience dysfunctional patterns throughout our lives. Use October to release bad energy, and people, from your life. If you are currently cohabitating with a person who embodies this long-standing pattern, it could be time for you to move on. Try listening to the Romance Future podcast (below) on how to get out of an abusive situation and start over. It might really help you.

On Saturday and Sunday your mindset is going to be more in line with your true personal identity. You will be feeling better about yourself, or more empowered about your situation. Get out of the house!

Scorpio: You are having trouble sleeping and this is related to going over some ending in your head. You are thinking of settling a score but you should try to let things go. If you can keep a zen headspace as you are going to sleep it will help your pocketbook. You will be better charged for your workdays. There is a tense energy on Friday but things will mellow out a bit by Saturday. You will be able to stop fixating so much on some person or circumstance that has greatly affected you. The key to your peace of mind might be understanding that you don’t have all of the information. You may have had friends, or lovers, who you feel betrayed you. These people were likely wounded themselves. They may not have been in positions to be good friends because they simply don’t have that capacity. Try to let issues with these types of people go, and know that some people are just jerks. A good person can form attachments to bad people when coming from a pure place. It’s not your job to exhaust yourself trying to psychoanalyze everyone. When you learn that people are not kind you can detach yourself from them. If you still run in the same circles, just accept people for what they are. Don’t have expectations. On Saturday and Sunday, you may have some epiphanies that could be very lucrative. Luck is on your side in matters of money if you focus. Rely on your intuition and avoid being social. There is a chance that you could cash in majorly this weekend. This weekend is all about ideas, not following the vibe of the peanut gallery.

Sagittarius: There are some big opportunities for you to make some money this weekend. You might find a new career path. Try not to fixate on your relationship with your parents right now. There are old wounds surfacing. Just focus on your own personal success without seeking approval from anyone. Saturday is a great day for an ego boost at some social event. Your positive communication might prove extremely lucky in building a strong network of contacts. Your personal identity is in line this weekend with social events that you will attend. Luck is all of a sudden on your side. Dress to impress. You will be quite the charmer. Have fun!

Capricorn: You are feeling better about your personal identity. There are hidden things regarding some friend who you had regarded almost as a sibling. Somehow your identity was strongly connected to this person. You could have had a powerful dynamic with someone who you might be fixating on now. Try to avoid this because it is bad for your mental state. On Saturday you will open up to more of a love energy. What had bothered you on Friday you seem to be resolving for yourself on Saturday. This could be solely because of a new way of looking at things. It’s likely that you will integrate some sort of spiritual practice on Saturday or Sunday that will help you to feel better about certain things, but it could stir up other things that bother you. There is a silver lining to every challenge this weekend. Your job is to find these.

Aquarius: You have a deep sense of inner knowing right now. It seems that there is a lot of chaos going on around you but you remain unphased. Though aware of games that people play, you play along to reach personal end goals. This is smart. It will help you significantly that you are wise in how you integrate your understanding of others’ true personalities. Don’t get annoyed and throw in the towel on anyone right now. Remain positive in knowing what’s going on, almost like a third-person perspective. Try to view everything going on from a neutral space and proceed from there. On Saturday you will win some long-established battle. This could be because of your ability to be diplomatic. Operate from a place of love and luck will be on your side.

Pisces: You may put in your resignation on Friday, which will bring you peace of mind. There seems to be some sort of ending that will be communicated on Friday that will feel bittersweet. The rest of the weekend will unfold in a way that is beneficial to your personal identity. Attend an event with your significant other. There are long-held connections that will benefit one, or both, of you. You could also be building contacts that will assist you in the near future. Try to see the best in any endings that happen this weekend. They are happening for a reason: To clear space for something positive that is coming in. Have faith!

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