Monday September 30th and 1st week of October vibes: Horoscopes for all signs

The energies for Monday are going to set the tone for the entire week. Though there will be an evolution as the moon moves, a lot of the circumstances discussed for each sign today are going to affect us all week. There is a lot of sexual energy floating around. There could be love triangles, jealousy, and fights this week. Especially on Monday as the moon in Scorpio opposes retrograde Uranus in Taurus. Uranus controls unexpected things, good and bad, and I will discuss the different ways that circumstances can go for each sign in this reading. There will be more of an unexpected nature to emotions Monday than to occurrences. You may just discover feelings that you have had that you didn’t even realize. The moon will move out of this uncomfortable opposition by tomorrow so everyone should check back for Tuesday’s horoscope to find out about taking action. Mind your words and actions today. You’re coming from an irrational place because of the awkward vibe. Even the most steady minded people are going to have uncomfortable thoughts. When these come, try to redirect your area of focus to the positive aspects mentioned for your sign.

Aries: There may be some unexpected challenges today involving your spouse. Rely on what you know instinctively about his or her sexy fantasies to spice up the bedroom and you’ll be able to smooth over any situation that arises. If you work hard, play hard.

Taurus: Your spouse could be cramping your style. You are wanting to shine. There could be a healthy and beneficial ending today. You could obtain funding for a beautification project. You might be upgrading something in your life. You could be letting go of your car to trade up, replacing flooring, getting liposuction, having PRP injections or anything else that involves taking things away, or stopping something, to make things more beautiful. Just be aware that you’re probably not going to be getting nookie as a result. Maybe you will spend $2000 on a Soul Cycle package or a new meal delivery program to lose weight and your spouse will be annoyed at your splurge. You will not care though because of your far-reaching understanding of value. When you start lookin really good…they’ll be nice.

Gemini: Watch out for Scorpios and Capricorns today trying to push their fundamentalist views on you. You might confide to your spouse about your own creeping feelings of mortality. You might also have an issue with someone who is a part of some organization that you or your spouse belong to. This could be as simple as one of your exes awkwardly being at football practice. When you share kids this happens. If you are single, there could be a healthy relationship that you are enjoying with someone who you met through some organization. Now your kids, or ex, are throwing salt in your game while you’re just wanting to enjoy life. You could have a talk with whoever is hating about the importance of love in your life for your overall health. The person you are sleeping with right now, or want to be sleeping with, is igniting a spiritual journey for you.

Cancer: Your relationship with your kids is harmonious all of a sudden. There could have been a development at work that has eased your burden somehow. Love and communication with your kids and friends are the keys to your health right now. If you are single, go on a date today. There could be a Pisces, Capricorn or Scorpio who brings luck to your health situation. Perhaps you will go on a date with a doctor or a personal trainer who will have insight or connections that will help you in a health matter. Work is stressing you out right now. If you do not work a regular work schedule, avoid working today and instead go have some fun or relax. Have someone over and make food, have drinks and watch Netflix. If you work in a tipping industry the opportunity to make money will be scant on Monday and Tuesday. You might end up hanging out with your coworkers and regulars and having some nice conversations. These people might be integral in your next life ventures. If you have dated one of your regulars, or a coworker, this person will likely be your next major long-term relationship.

Leo: Something sudden could happen at work today if you don’t manage your emotions appropriately. Try not to be hot-headed because losing your job could affect your home situation. If you can get through today things will smooth over. It’s possible that there will be something outside of your control that is going to give you no option but to opt for a new path. You have a strong connection to someone who is attractive. This person could be helping you on your soul journey. You might break up with someone and move in with this person. There could be travel involved, as in you hop ship and end up in a completely new city. This is actually well supported.

Virgo: There could be tense situations with a Scorpio who has a sibling-type energy with you. This person could actually be a sibling, be a relative, or be a friend with whom you’ve had a strong bond. There may be a romantic relationship with a Capricorn that has ended things for you with the Scorpio as you know it. More than likely the Scorpio and Capricorn people have a rift with one another. You may be sharing time between the two and they get jealous. This often happens in relationships. The best friend and romantic partner feud for attention. There could definitely be a fight about money right now that even leads to an ending. You might be given an ultimatum by someone. If so tell that person that you need a couple of days to think about things. Check your horoscope tomorrow and Wednesday then to find out how to proceed. If you have to settle something today, there is a lucky aspect if you have a talk with the Scorpio person at home. Your home or the Scorpio’s home.

Libra: You’re subconsciously at war with a current or past long-term partner. Whatever wounds occurred are surfacing now. You could be in a legal battle if you are going through a divorce or fighting for custody. This is keeping you up at night. Try not to trigger fire energy. Tone down your entire world. If you get too worked up right now it will be costly. You are learning to master your mind and this will pay off soon. Be sure to always represent yourself well. Sarcasm is NOT working for you this week. Avoid berating yourself, even jokingly. Use your words wisely. Build yourself up. Self-talk is where all talk from others originates.

Scorpio: You could get into a fight with someone who you met through a community group of some sort. This person may have screwed you over, or they feel that you’ve wronged them somehow. There could be some rivalry going on with other parties. Everyone is getting dragged into this ordeal. If you are dating someone who is insecure this person could embarrass you at a function or a gathering. Someone was wronged and there could be a big shakedown because of it. This could end up costing you money in the long run. Intuitively you are aware that someone has a bad mindset. Try to figure out a way to communicate love to this person. Otherwise, get rid of them.

Sagittarius: There is going to be an upsetting and unexpected development involving someone who you love, or did love. It is going to be challenging because of money. For some reason, you are unable to help this person without destroying some aspect of your own life. This person drains you. You are fighting to maintain a career despite wounds from the past and working against your calling. With all of this resistance, you will find your treasure in the home. There is a treasure for Sagittarius in the home sphere right now that you have been refining for a while.

Capricorn: Misunderstandings abound in your life right now. There could be a love interest at work who is causing you trouble with your personal identity. Try to use your intuition when dealing with people, but ultimately avoid making sexual advances at work. That should be obvious. Your destiny is vaguely connected to your spouse. How this will manifest you will have to check back to find out as energies change throughout the month (and actually rest of the year). When speaking of your spouse, if this does not apply it could be your future spouse, ex-spouse, a long-term partner, or potentially your second child. Whoever this person is could be the key to your destiny. Somehow you need to finetune this relationship. A problem with an Aquarius or Cancer at work is going to bring on unexpected emotions today. A Sagittarius could help you with your work issues but this person could cause you issues with your mindset because there is a sexual tension beneath the surface. Your identity is connected to the Sagittarius person in a positive way. Your spiritual practice is suffering because of some legal matter, or area where you felt slighted. You have given up on a belief system because you are jaded. The tides are going to change drastically mid-week. Pay attention to your horoscope tomorrow, and the rest of this week, because benefical aspects are becoming available. Don’t make any moves today if you can avoid it. Just chill and mutter to yourself if you have to.

Aquarius: You could have had an expensive encounter at a social gathering. On the other hand, you had wonderful communication about deep spiritual matters that have bothered you. Somehow this exprience led to an ending in the way of love. Your intuition is strong right now. There may have been a vibe about someone this weekend that differs from how you had previously viewed them. All of a sudden you were turned off. It’s possible that this is all related to the comedown from the weekend so don’t get too upset about anything that happened. Tomorrow there are really nice aspects opening up. Monday is going to be a little tense for everyone.

Pisces: There was an ending recently that has opened new doors for you somehow. You may be onto a new career path. Monday there is a little residual unpleasantness. There is balance in all that’s been going on for you. This balance will come in the form of friendships or romantic relationships. You are going to start having a lot more fun in the near future. There will be ups and downs but you are going to get out there and face your fears. Don’t worry so much about what people think of you. Inevitably you could encounter heartbreak but allow yourself to feel. You are suffering endings as a result of being closed off. If you open yourself up and treat others with respect it will be wonderful for your pocketbook. There is a lot of activity in your money houses right now; predominantly in your house of other people’s money. Check your horoscopes throughout this week to find the best times to obtain financing for beautification projects. Avoid hooking up with coworkers and past coworkers. This is going to hurt your identity in social circles. There are beneficial aspects, however, in hooking up with someone involved in an organization that you are a part of. As bad as it sounds you may be securing a higher status because of your secret affair with someone. This could be extremely taboo and bad for your professional identity. Your identity within the organization, however, is bolstered by the sexapades.

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