Monday September 9, 2019: Decisions decisions

There are microscopic choices that will be happening throughout the day for many signs. It’s so important to follow your heart today. We are granted with the energy of the moon conjunct our personal karma. There will be an inherent sense of knowing for people today. If anything feels off don’t do it. If anything seems right but at the expense of a little pride: Do it. Pride never brings anything good. It costs you jobs, friendships and love. Get over yourself and be cool af today. You’re Mother Teresa for one day. Take a risk outside your comfort zone to right a wrong. Ease the suffering of someone else. Think of the greater good.

Aries: In the area of society, clubs and organizations there is a minute decision that you will make today that is very black and white. You should go with the option that most strongly identifies with your own personal wounds. There is a beneficial aspect connected to these. Look at your tangible experience. Pay attention to past hurts. The wrong decision is related to something unexpected. If there is a sudden choice for you to jump on something new today, do not do it. This includes new technology. Example: It is suggested that you upgrade your Teamstuff software, you do and a glitch obliterates your hardware.

Taurus: Like Aries, there is a minute decision for you to make but yours is career related. Pay attention to what you think about at night and what bothers you as you’re waking up. Try to make things right if you can. The wrong choice would be related to some new development or technology.

Gemini: Despite past hurts it’s time for you to get involved again. Clubs and organizations will welcome you with open arms. You can make a difference if you use challenges that you’ve been through as a platform.

Cancer: You have a lot going on in the home including tension and disagreements. There is an immense potential for beauty if you focus on making the space more zen.

Leo: You are working out and feeling amazing. Your daily routine is on point so whatever you’re doing…keep doing it!

Virgo: You are the most popular sign of the moment. Enjoy all of your attention!

Libra: Your homelife is zen. You’ve spent much time weighing the scales in past home situations. You have always behaved fairly and now you are at peace.

Scorpio: You have been through it all with your siblings, or so it seems, and you have a strong, harmonious bond with them now as a result.

Sagittarius: Your chart is all about the money right now. You’re raking it in. Nothing else matters. Just take advantage of beautiful aspects granting you security. You need these to propel you out of the inertia of the summer. Gains have been few and far between since May. Nothing in life is enjoyable without money. Before all else focus on opportunities that come your way today.

Capricorn: This is a VERY emotional day for you and will highlight for you what your Saturn return is all about (meaning what you’re in for for the next two plus years to come). You are shape shifting into a new polished version of yourself. As you restructure atoms, and reconnect synapses, you are going to feel completely insane at times. Pay attention to what you’re feeling today. The emotion might be joy. High highs and low lows. It seems there’s an upswing for you but then this underlying doom of worry. Worry never helps anyone. Preparation helps everyone. Keep your cool and have faith. Capricorns never let anyone see them sweat.

Aquarius: It’s sibling fight day for you! I just see money fights and siblings in your chart. Your family could be stepping in and trying to get a piece of your pie. This is an excellent day to pay attention to your dream world. What do you see? What are your first thoughts waking up for the day? Use that energy in all dealings today.

Pisces: The balance is off between you and your significant other. Someone is getting really active in the social sphere and shining brightly while the other one is more of a dreg. If you are feeling not good enough for your partner maybe you need to step up your game.

If you’re faced with a decision today this video might help you. It always helps me. Follow your heart.

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