Saturday September 7th, 2019 Horoscopes

Today you may be wondering why everyone doesn’t see the world how you see it. You may be getting annoyed with everyone who made you feel bad in the past and just start demanding respect. Walk tall and be secure. Everyone is shifting right now. People are sick of playing into dated belief systems. Society is catching up. Be strong in who you are.

Aries: Your career is the center of many amazing aspects available for you right now so keep up the good work. Put in your time with attention to detail. You may be noticing that your hard work is paying off. Work is the area in which you are in control right now. You are struggling with your internal belief system. The answers will come. It’s time for some spiritual growth. That is never easy. Spiritual awakenings occur in the most challenging times but bring us to a new level of understanding. They tear things apart so we are forced to manifest new physical realities. Have faith.

Taurus: It seems that your worldly philosophy is the area in which you are the most centered right now. You still have wounds that cross your mind as you’re going to sleep or waking up. Once you are fully into the day, however, you are able to integrate a substantial understanding of how things work. This includes spiritually, legally and morally. These hard integrated philosophies can help others. Share what you know with those who are struggling but don’t be pushy. If people don’t listen let them learn the hard way. C’est la vie.

Gemini: You are focused on integrating a new viewpoint. This involves cutting people out of your life while welcoming others in. There is a lot going on for you in the area of popularity. Your communication, the area in which you shine brightest, is well sought out. All of a sudden people are reaching out. You are in demand. Some of these people you’d prefer did not reach out. You are learning the art of politely declining invitations. It seems you’re pretty much over some collective that you’d been a part of in the past. You may have outgrown some aspect of the life that you had previously accepted.

Cancer: There is a sudden and fleeting energy today that could bring you epiphanies about your place in society and something related to your upbringing. All of a sudden you are viewing things in a positive light. This mentality you should work to integrate because it is the key to your health.

Leo: Your personal identity relies on your mindset. There is something that is pressing on you now that is hard to let go. You are being tested. There is some ending that needs to take place and it could be related to someone highly sexual whom you were dating. This person is a harbinger of bad luck when it comes to your popularity. You may have started noticing that your long-held friendships are scattering. Also notice yourself taking time away from relationships that could actually be fruitful for the long term. Start thinking about cutting some toxic person off.

Virgo: Drop the bad attitude toward your ex (or current long-term relationship) because you do not have all of the information. This is in your best interest. You risk destroying your home life as you know it. There is an opportunity for rebirth right now that you should do everything in your power to access. Reconnect with old friends. Make new connections. If you are single start dating! There is someone out there who could end up being with you for the long haul. Staying in the home is a detriment to you right now. Get out there!

Libra: You have a sudden flash today of a higher frequency mindset. Your emotions lift and you see recent endings in a new light. There could be opportunities for gifted or borrowed money to finance your home or to purchase a new home. This will not be an income property but your actual place of residence. There will be an unexpected opportunity that will present itself in the morning on Saturday. You could go into the bank, fill out an app online, or reach out to a benefactor. You could also find out that funding is granted on something that you’d already spent time on. There is also a potential of inheritance today.

Scorpio: You have a sense of belonging yet also a sense of being ostracized. You may attend a political rally or a protest today. There is a strict division in your chart in the area of society. Something has cost you money or affected your assets. You also endured hurt to your reputation. Now you are empowered. You have a strong support system through your partner. This person is helping you significantly in moving past wounds you have suffered. Show him or her thanks today by doing something sweet. Enjoy time together, or with friends, even if the undercurrent of the gathering is something challenging.

Sagittarius: You’re experiencing the final whammy in your three-year Saturn return test to your will. You’ve been through tragedy and turmoil. Whatever you’ve been working on will be lucrative. You may already be seeing signs of success. November will be the big payoff time so hold tight. Keep putting in wholesome work. Avoid cutting corners on anything. Keep your mind and body fit. Be ready for opportunity to arise suddenly. It’s going to be a wave that you’re going to have to catch. Preparation, and a keen awareness of what’s going on around you, will benefit you in deciphering your big break. Just hang on a little longer and be ready for the ride.

Capricorn: Saturday is an amazing day for you. The moon is in your sign granting beautiful aspects. There is something exciting that will happen with your home that will give you pride. You are finding out secrets right now that assist you in ending a battle. Don’t act on what you find out now though. Try not to simmer on anything or get into fights. The time will come when you can eloquently utilize the knowledge that you’ve obtained to your benefit.

Aquarius: You are having vivid dreams that can make it hard to wake up. You may feel jarred awake in the mornings as you are reminded of reality. There is some social progress that you dream of yet you see how far we as a society have to come to realize this utopia. You may be disheartened by things that are going on in the world. Feel solace in knowing that we are closer than you think. There is some issue, potentially many issues, that are being addressed at a micro level by individuals. The progress that you seek is going to come bottom-up. Be sure that you implement good changes to your own life so that you are harmonious in your belief system. Others will take note of your example.

Pisces: You are very connected to Aquarian ways right now. You might want to take in the Aquarius readings as well as your own this month. What social progress Aquarius is dreaming of you are attacking at a macro level. You are involved in organizations and communities of change. Your water energy is ever powerful and flowing. As you shape shift through life you gather knowledge of all walks. There likely a career change that will be happening for you if it has not already happened. Leap and the net will appear.

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