Thursday September 5 Daily Horoscopes by Sign

There are more dimensions to the t-square going on right now than you can see. Pay attention to the message for your sign today. It will reveal the strongest path for you toward harmony.

The red triangle shown in the September 5th, 2019 chart is known as a t-square. It is composed of two squares and one opposition generally but today there are multiple planets at each angle. This makes a complex, multi-dimensional figure that can present challenges. By focusing on the softer blue angles our day will flow smoothly and harmoniously. Check your sign below for how to activate good energies today.

Aries: Your health relies on your career somehow. Be sure that you are getting enough sleep. There is a challenge in your personal philosophy that could disrupt harmony in your life. Your personal identity is somehow connected to your health. Be strong in who you are.

Taurus: You are on the fence right now about a lot of things. Make the right decisions. You are being tested. You have to rely on a sound spiritual path. Find this and your path will be clear.

Gemini: Endings are benefiting you. You may be letting go of aspects of life that were long held that no longer suit you. You may also be identifying things or people who never suited you. At the same time you are welcoming new people into your life who appreciate you and hold you on a pedestal. This is a great feeling!

Cancer: You have two opposing paths related to your career and your health. Avoid betting on any new gambles because they are not what they seem. Your health and success rely heavily on your mindset. Stay positive. Any past hurts you have to flip into positives.

Leo: Your health is remarkably strong right now. There is an inner power that you can tap into if you are not feeling this. You may be getting a pet. If you have thought about this it is well represented. Your new friend will add endless joy to your life.

Virgo: Your personal identity is getting a boost from social situations and dating. If you are in a long-term relationship you may be fighting with your partner over new revelations. You may also feel your spouse or significant other is hiding something from you. If so, spend time with friends. You are so popular right now it would be a shame to waste that fun energy on anyone draining.

Libra: You are focused in the home right now. It is your safe place but also connected to something that you’ve been building for quite a while. Avoid simmering about fights and injustices right now because this behavior will consume you and make you ill. Good times are right around the corner.

Scorpio: You have a sound mindset that is assisting you with dating, popularity and/or your social standing. Still you are being bombarded with venom by someone. You are above their petty ways. Do not throw away all that you’ve worked for on someone low on the evolutionary totem pole. Rise above.

Sagittarius: You are banking off of unexpected events. That or your ship is finally coming in after a gruesome past few years. You’re almost in the clear. Gear up for some big opportunities in the next couple of months. Be prepared. There is about to be a gigantic wave of success for you if you are ready.

Capricorn: Don’t hide your emotions. Acknowledging your wounds and feeling all of the emotions that come with them will heal you. Be very careful about hiding things right now because you are under examination.

Aquarius: Your emotions could cause you bad luck regarding your personal wealth or assets. Your intuition is strong right now and will save you from some impending challenge. Your mind is strong. Trust your gut and have faith.

Pisces: You have a solid place in society and likely a long-term relationship that is upholding or creating this prestige. Don’t get lazy. There is a potential for financial gains today if you aren’t sloppy.

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