Sunday September 8th 2019 Horoscopes

People are just annoying today to those who are tuned in. Everyone seems to think that they are executing some magnificent game while Romance Future readers are aware of the facade. Just watch the tomfoolery and go get mimosas after if you need to. You’ve earned it.

My first book How to Marry a Scorpio is being released in the “How to Marry” astrology series. The release date for Kindle and paperback is September 16th, 2019 but pre-sale has already started. If you have a Scorpio in your life pick this up! It’s truly amazing in the way of capturing Scorpio from their flaws to their strengths. It is full of information on how to work with this mysterious sign. This is why Scorpio is being released first. You guys were the biggest mystery…until now. Thanks for your support!

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Aries: Work is the tie that binds right now. It is keeping you afloat and giving you a place to go to get away from something.

Taurus: This is a good day for karma. You may be granted blessings for some good deeds you’ve done. You may attend a church of some sort today. This includes any spiritual place of learning.

Gemini: You have some sexual tension going on in your community involvements today. There could be a love triangle with a married couple. Try to rely on your morality when making decisions. If it feels wrong don’t do it.

Cancer: There is a potential that you will meet your future spouse at an event. If you are married you are falling in love all over again with your spouse.

Leo: Your career is bringing new health to your life. You may be enjoying your daily work more. There could be a new fitness program being offered by your company. You may also be adopting a pet from someone you know through work.

Virgo: You are meeting new people through a mind, spirit, or soul journey. You may have taken up yoga or are going to church. You have built a network of friends through this that you are really enjoying.

Libra: Sift through the clutter and find your path because it’s there. You could leap into a gorgeous home situation if you seize some opportunity that may be presented.

Scorpio: There could be a marriage proposal coming, if it hasn’t already. You may also be planning your wedding with siblings. This is a joyous time for you. Be careful not to overspend.

Sagittarius: What an amazing day for you to make money! You are raking in the dough it seems. You might be acquiring assets too. Your career and home are contributing to this. Focus on money. You are having an identity crisis. Try not to think about it.

Capricorn: You are grounded in your identity but shady dealings are catching up with you. Enjoy your current standing but be aware that you may face hardships soon if you do not acknowledge hurts that you have caused others. An apology goes a long way. Stop hiding things. People are honing in on your game.

Aquarius: You’re in fantasy land right now dreaming about something or someone. Don’t get too lost in your head because you may be building off of a false understanding. We sometimes call these delusions.

Pisces: You’re gaining esteem at someone else’s expense. This might be how you handle your life. If so, enjoy it. You may have to learn your lessons when you actually come back as a fish in your next life.

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