Thursday September 26, 2019 Daily Horoscopes for All Signs

Chiron, the wounded healer, is opposing the sun today. That is a huge clash involving our identities and past traumas. A lot of people will be reverting to whoever they were at critical times of development, like ages five through eight. What was going on for you during these times? However you were shaped at that critical time has a gigantic influence on how you relate to the world. You may be becoming self-aware of your own character flaws that are rooted in confusion you felt as a child. Check your horoscope to see how this aspect, amid many other aspects of the moment, will affect your day.

Aries: Something regarding your career and your personal identity, are lending to positive emotions that are contributing to your health. If you are married, or in a long-term relationship, you may be upset about past issues. Your spouse could also be rehashing old drama. Someone is having identity issues that are likely related to trauma. There could be memories or insight that had not been considered before. To stay on track try to remain in a surface frame of mind. Do not get sucked in too much to considering anything that you’re not sure of. There is a lot that is hidden so considering anything regarding past wounds may not be a good use of time right now. You will work yourself up thinking in circles. Try to forgive and forget.

Taurus: You are working on self-improvement. There are wounds and dark secrets that weigh heavily on you at night or subconsciously. Establishing a healthy understanding of recent endings in your life is the key to your overall health. For single Taurus people, you may have a friend who is interested in you for more than just friendship. This person seems to have bad motives going on behind the scene so be on alert.

Gemini: Today is all about reading between the lines, and selecting the best course of action, like the Jedi mastermind that you are. Friends from social groups seem to be kind of shady right now. There could be jealousy going on. You might also have unexpressed resentments toward some people or an entire group. Know that there are secrets going on behind the scenes. There’s something that you don’t know about, or you are learning about things now that have been going on. Someone could be busted. It looks like some secret was found out, possibly by you or about you. This could involve your spouse or long-term partner. If you are doing nothing wrong, there is a chance that someone is cheating on you. Just be aware that there is an element of smoke and mirrors going on in your social circles. All is not as it appears.

Cancer: Something unexpected relating to the community, or your spouse, is bringing you joy in your home situation. Still, you are dealing with deep traumas at home. This could go back to your parents. There is a dichotomy between the mother and father energies for you from early life. Your identity was largely shaped in a negative way by wounds that you experienced from a parent’s behavior. This could have to do with abuse or neglect. How you have integrated confusing events into your psyche has resulted in sickness. This is a challenging time. Use it to let go of harmful patterns in your life. If you can unleash resentments into the universe through forgiveness, then there will be harmony in the near future. It’s better that you deal with these issues now that they are at the surface of your consciousness. If you keep repressing your intuitive sense of being wronged and ignoring your issues, then these will consume you. Release your hatred. That sounds harsh but you do need to let go of all of this hate that is surfacing. Find a way to convert that energy into love. There could be a sudden release that occurs today in the form of crying or even a shaking spell. That is major trauma coming out.

Leo: Your path may clear today in some areas involving money. There could be a sudden opportunity presented at work, or an opportunity to advance your career, that will seemingly come out of nowhere. Seize the day! Personal issues may not be as positive so give them less energy. Try to focus on money matters today and keep a positive mindset in matters dealing with friends, or people you are dating. If you start to rehash old stuff the day will be more challenging and can lead you into an upsetting spiral that could cause you to become ill. Try not to drink your sorrows away. This too shall pass. See the light.

Virgo: Your boo might be demanding more of a commitment today, and we’re talking ultimatums. Your significant other is ready to take the next steps in your relationship and if you are not ready you might be left in the dust. This could also be reversed. In that case, Virgos who are wanting more of a commitment from someone might bring up getting engaged or moving in together. It seems this might be a solution to a financial issue more than anything. There is some sort of resistance happening, either in someone not wanting to settle down or in the home situation being unbearable within the present circumstances. Aspects are pretty harsh today so it might not be the best day to make any big decisions. The tension could end up breaking the entire union for good. Decide if you are ready to lay the whole relationship on the line when having talks. If you are at the point that something’s got to give, then have the big talk. Sometimes you need to walk away for a couple of months for someone to appreciate what they had with you.

Libra: Your home life is not ideal right now and is causing you mental stress. Focus on the benefits of your current situation and try to stay in a positive headspace. Without a good mindset, you are potentially driving yourself toward a mental breakdown. There is a lot going on behind the scenes. Try to have faith that your situation will improve. Some unexpected money sources could come to you from the community. Maybe share how you are feeling in a support group of some sort and you will find the resources that you need.

Scorpio: There is something unexpected and exciting that will happen at work today regarding your spouse. Your spouse could surprise you in some way before or during work. You could also earn a bonus, gift, or promotion that will benefit you and your spouse somehow. Try to be forward-thinking today. Avoid getting hung up on old issues. Something regarding friends or people you have dated could cause tension today but you can avoid this by relying on your intuition and by being the bigger person.

Sagittarius: Your relationship with the community is strained when your communication centers too much around your pocketbook. Try to be yourself. When you let your light shine through you may be surprised at how many people you reach. Stop playing to what you think people want. There could be a positive development in the area of the home but this is somehow not aligned with your personal identity. Something could happen that originates with one of your connections. Be on the lookout for this sudden positive development.

Capricorn: You are worrying about a bruise to your ego when you should actually be focussing on your home life. There is an opportunity for unexpected funding today for a home project. Get out of the headspace of wallowing in self-pity and take action. You are torn in matters of love. It seems that your pride is preventing you from experiencing what you truly want and dream of at night.

Aquarius: Your emotions are getting a boost from spending time with your spouse. There is some new mindset that you have adopted that is making you more present. You have had some very costly situations lately within social groups. You’ve also taken quite the hit to your deeper consciousness. It might be that you are working on integrating your shadow side right now. You are dealing with issues that you didn’t even know that you had. This is difficult but when you do you will stop inadvertently attracting negative people and situations into your life. You need to forgive those who hurt you originally. When you do you will be able to move on, instead of attracting those types into your life. If you are married, or in a long-term relationship, your partner is helping you a lot with these issues right now.

Pisces: There are deep identity issues surfacing in your chosen career path. In addition to misalignment with the work sphere, your communication is tense within social groups. Somehow your career is not in line with the groups that you are involved with. These groups are connected to your wealth, assets and spouse. Some sudden opportunity could arise today that will contribute to your wealth so pay attention. Your spouse, or a long-term partner, could have something to do with this. You could also come upon an opportunity, such as a real estate transaction, that will make your spouse overjoyed. Be on the lookout for ways to turn assets.

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