Wednesday September 25, 2019 Daily Horoscopes

We have just experienced the equinox and are now securely in Libra season. Venus is becoming visible in the sky after having been hidden for the last few months. With Venus energy back everyone should be able to manifest love and abundance. November will be exceptionally great for this since some major planets are coming out of retrograde. In November there will be many nice aspects for us all. Use October to refine what you’ve learned over the summer. On to bigger and better things!

Daily horoscopes are back. I’ve been working on my How to Marry astrology series. The first book, How to Marry a Scorpio, is available on Amazon now! Thank you so much to those who have purchased the book. Let me know what you think at Also please email for personal compatibility or life path readings.

Aries: There are some hidden desires that are not aligning with your philosophy, or contractual obligations (i.e. marriage). There could be a Pisces who is tripping your trigger at work right now, or simply someone who embodies deep energy. If you’re married you might have a harmonious talk with your significant other about desires that you’re having as they come up.

Taurus: Your thoughts at night about past wounds are materializing into illness. You may also be thinking about someone who is ill. Adopting a spiritual practice will help you through this time. If you’re open to new schools of thought try reading The Book of Secrets by Osho. It has a lot of very zen ideas on how to live in society and behave in love situations. I also recommend the Tao Te Ching. If you are religious then try opening the bible to any page and just reading from there. I usually find the best guidance this way. It’s as if your hand is guided by some higher power that is giving you a message.

Gemini: You seem to be destroyed over some love situation. Involvement in the community might be helping you right now. It seems as if you or your spouse (if this applies) may not have been faithful. The affair could be ending and one of you is destroyed. If you are single you may be pining over someone or grieving a breakup. It seems that the community is urging you to drop someone. You may have new information about someone you love and feel torn. Things will mellow out as October progresses. Try to examine your emotions and really weigh out all of your options before making any decisions.

Cancer: Understanding your personal identity is the area where you should be focussing your efforts because it will steer you through current life situations that are hard to understand. Figure out who you are and what you stand for. Healthy communication is the key to igniting good aspects today.

Leo: Your mindset isn’t meeting up with your current philosophical practice. You may be attempting to integrate a way of being into your lifestyle but you are experiencing resistance as your psyche goes back to old patterns of thought that are comfortable. Your social circle is changing. You are noticing that you have less in common now with old friends and lovers. This challenge lends energy to creative projects.

Virgo: There is a lot happening in your money houses right now. Your challenge is avoiding getting hung up on past issues. Align with your intuition and center yourself in your home. Being social right now is detracting from your potential to make significant financial gains. Stay focussed.

Libra: You should be feeling as if you’re waking up as we move into Libra season. Venus, your ruling planet, has also been hidden and is becoming visible on the horizon. Your powers of communication can gain you footing right now in any organization that you might be a part of. Your home life is healthy but you are struggling with identity issues and potentially a bad mindset. Try to shift your thinking to interpret recent events in a positive light.

Scorpio: You should be picking up my book How to Marry a Scorpio to learn more about your personal identity. Some challenge with a past lover has hurt your finances. There’s something that you don’t know, or something that you are learning, about a past relationship. You are making good choices now because of a strong mindset. Keep your actions consistent with a sound mental state and other people’s baggage will affect you less.

Sagittarius: You’ve got one more month before major manifestation starts to unfold. Right now you are dealing with challenges in your home life. This could be connected to personal identity. Despite this, your current home situation is assisting you financially. Today is a good day to focus on career. Stay positive and make sure that your career is aligning with your personal wealth strategy.

Capricorn: You are learning things that are keeping you up at night. You might also be losing sleep trying to examine things that you do not understand. There could be hidden secrets that you have yet to find out. When your intuition aligns with your spirituality you will start to feel peace. Be aware of this today. Something about your identity is not in line with your spiritual or philosophical belief system. When you feel tension today take note. There is something that you need to adjust to be more aligned with your higher self.

Aquarius: Your money is connected to your sexuality right now in some way. It could be that you are cheating on a spouse who you need to be in good graces with in your community. Any filandering right now could destroy your reputation. Pay attention to your intuition. If you feel that certain behaviors need to be stopped (or kept private) then keep them this way. This is not the time to come out of the closet, but if you do be aware that your circles may not be accepting. If you have a lover who is not well regarded, coming out with that relationship will earn you demerit points in your clubs and organizations. Really think about how strong your mental state can be when living a lie. If you do have some pressing sexual desires keep checking your daily horoscopes for the appropriate times to act on them.

Pisces: You’re not feeling the love right now in some organization that you are a part of. Your identity is strongly rooted in this group but you feel that it has detracted from your ability to live, and love, as would be most beneficial to a harmonious life. Your career is also not in line with your personal identity right now. Either you are shifting away from your career toward a more established group mindset that feels comfortable, or your cult mentality from that group is making your career difficult. You might need to make a choice. Leave the career, or leave the group.

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