Week of October 13th full moon – Saturday October 19th HOROSCOPES: Best days for love and success

The full moon readings you will feel unravel for a few days after the moon. Whatever is brought to light will be felt the most Tuesday through Thursday. The best aspects of the week involve Lilith and Mercury. That’s very sexy, communicative energy. With Saturn and Pluto out of retrograde, our sad lessons of the summer are complete. We have learned what we needed to learn and released that which no longer serves us. Everyone is going to be feeling much happier this week.

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For the week of Sunday, October 13th through Saturday, October 19th I have gone over how the full moon will affect each sign plus identified the best days for making positive movements in your life. The best days of the week vary slightly for each sign. This being said, the energy discussed on specific days can be felt throughout the week. When events occur that were predicted based on planetary alignments really depends on how sensitive you and the people around you are.

Full moon energy + best days of the week for each sign


Sunday 10/13: Your personal identity is getting a boost from your connection to a philosophical or spiritual person, practice, or ideology. If you are married, or in a long-term relationship, try establishing boundaries with your significant other by sharing tidbits of what you are learning. This indirect approach will give you the space you need to enjoy your own pursuits. Not everything has to be done together. Remember that you were an individual before you met your partner. You will feel a lot better if you stay in tune with who you are on your own. Some Aries people will communicate an ending, in the days following the full moon, such as turning in a resignation. This is because your job is causing too much conflict in your personal life. It is also not what you want to do anymore. You really need to examine what you want in life and try to integrate your career into the whole picture. No one wants to feel a duality between their personal belief system and what they do.
Tuesday 10/15: Communication could open up with someone you’ve been thinking about a lot. This person is heavily connected to opportunities for you to make money either now or in the future. They are very well connected and a good friend to have.
Wednesday 10/16: Wednesday is a great money day for you. You could ask for more money at work or discuss financing a venture and be gifted money. Communication is key so be sure to be eloquent in all discussions. You never know where opportunities could arise.
Friday and Saturday 10/18-19: A lucky opportunity could arrive through your spouse or second child (if this applies). Friday and Saturday are excellent days for money. Ask and you shall receive!


Sunday 10/13: There is a lucky aspect for you with the full moon if you re-examine your position regarding some ending or money matter involving another. Be sure to have open communication with your partner and children. If there is a Leo or a Capricorn in your life the full moon is going to bring tension. There could be a legal matter going on, you may have a sense about someone that something is amiss, or you might work with someone who is not pulling their weight. Jupiter energy will bring all kinds of new possibilities for you. If you have a Sagittarius in your life this person could be responsible for new benefits in your life. If you know any Virgos or Geminis you could find new understanding from their unique viewpoints. You may be learning to communicate better this week which will really prove beneficial by Wednesday.
Wednesday 10/16: You have an intuitive connection to your ex, significant other, or second child. Something may come up today that you will be on top of. Keep communication open by checking in throughout the day.
Thursday 10/17: There could be a healthy opportunity on Thursday that will boost your personal identity and assist your personal assets. This will result in better health for you and/or your loved ones.
Friday 10/18: There could be a lucky opportunity for you to make some money. This could be through an opportunity found through another or simply be money gifted by another.


Sunday 10/13: The full moon is making you lucky in love. You may feel blessed by having such a wonderful spouse or significant other. You two could have been through something, such as infidelity or someone being jealous, but you are working through it. Somehow this is bringing you closer together. There could be some issue with your personal identity. Possibly a hit to your popularity because of recent indiscretions. You are feeling very blessed to have your significant other hoisting you up.
Wednesday 10/16: You might have a hot and heavy day with a fling. You could also attend a function where someone with whom you have amazing chemistry will be present.
Thursday 10/17: You seem to be moving toward the person with whom you have the strongest sexual bond. If you are dating there could be a fight that will help your personal identity. Perhaps you have finally held your ground and standing up for yourself has earned you respect.


Sunday 10/13: You are falling in love with someone at work or vise versa. There may be feelings communicated to or by you. You may also have a steamy affair going on behind the scenes with someone from work, either past or present. You could have met your significant other at a previous job. You could also be dating someone you worked with. It looks like the potential for a long-term relationship or even marriage is there. If you are already married you are having a wonderful week with your spouse.
Tuesday 10/15: Tuesday will be an amazing day for love. All cancers are finding love right now. For those who have been in a relationship, it is strong. You will likely have a fun social or work gathering on Tuesday. Your communication with your flame is flowing splendidly. Tuesday is a very steamy night for a hook up. If this person is not someone who works with you they have qualities similar to your father. Possibly a similar career field.


Sunday 10/13: The full moon is going to be confusing for you. It’s too firey. There could be some sudden event regarding work, love, or your home. Despite the challenges that will be brought to light with the full moon, Sunday will be the first day that you start to feel some really positive, nice aspects opening up for you that will develop throughout the week. You’ll be experiencing some sort of ending as the week unfolds so you might discover with the full moon how you are really feeling about some aspect of your life. Something will be revealed or you will see things in a new light. It seems to me that the full moon will indicate new beginnings for you.
Wednesday 10/16: The smoke clears on Wednesday and all of the beautiful aspects that have been gaining strength will be felt. You might have a personal instructor who you have a crush on. This person visits you in your home. There is an aspect for love with this person if this applies. If you do not hook up, someone has a growing crush that covers the gamut: Love, lust, and respect as a human being. Go for it! You might get discounts on your sessions. (That was a little joke). The relationship with this person is contributing to your work-life flowing better. They are bringing a healthy foundation to your life. You have structure in planning your life around scheduled meetings. There are so many positive aspects. If you had been dating someone else, this affair may not bode well for your relationship with the stale energy (old) person. You’re over that. Otherwise, you and this new spiritual teacher are not able to realize your strong bond with one another for some reason. There is a growing tension. One person could likely be seeing someone else. If you are a Leo, or you are connecting with a Leo, chances are there’s someone else in the picture who is complicating things. It’s a negative energy coming from this outside person, while your energy together is only positive. It is reviving you after you’ve had some challenges recently.
Thursday 10/17: There could be an opportunity on Thursday for you to use challenges you’ve experienced in the past to help others. This will be rewarding. Your love triangle is growing in intensity. There is drama coming from the other person. An ending is going to occur. If your romantic interest seems distant Thursday, do not press them. There is likely someone they are dealing with who is unpleasant that they are trying to unravel very carefully. This is not something that you should press them to learn about because they are keeping it secretive for a reason.


Sunday 10/13: The full moon is going to highlight an ending for you that needs to take place with a significant other or friend. This person is costing you money. By ending things with them you will activate luck in your 4th house of home. Money will flow to you better when this person is cut out of your life. It seems you have someone toxic around you so pay attention to who makes you feel drained when you are out and about this weekend. You may have a falling out with someone or simply feel you’ve outgrown someone’s energy.
Wednesday 10/16: You have amazing opportunities for love on Wednesday. You may discover that someone you had seen as almost a sibling magically becomes the person you want to marry someday. This person has a new sexual energy that will be conveyed to you somehow. If you are married, you could have been viewing your spouse as boring. Now, all of a sudden your attraction will reignite and take you into your next phase together. Your connection will reach more of a spiritual level and you will have fun dating as you did when you first met. Your relationships with friends are also strong so it is a good time to get out and meet people. Virgos who have been single will likely be finding love now. It will be the real, deep love that you’ve been waiting for. Congrats! Your wait is over.
Thursday 10/17: You have an excellent money day on Thursday. It could involve your money, personal assets, other people’s money, or earned money from your career. You could find out about a new way to make money at work, you could be promoted, you could get a new job, or you could turn a venture you’ve been working on into a job. If you’ve been trying to get funding for something there could be a magic break, that you should be on the lookout for, that will steer you on a new path. There may be some potential that you had not seen before. Your father could also be integral in this. Your father, or mother if she was the authoritative parent, could lend you money, help you to figure out your money situation, or be an example for you following in their footsteps somehow. Wherever you’d had past wounds regarding money there will be new opportunity. Do not remain stuck in limiting thought patterns.


Sunday 10/13: Your luck with the full moon is connected to understanding your personal identity and having a mindset that allows you to prioritize yourself in relationships. Without this you will feel ill simply serving others’ needs constantly. Your money, long-term relationship, and home situation are all under the moon’s scrutiny. Maintaining a strong home situation is connected to your health. You need a positive state of mind. Take control. You have to focus on money and being true to yourself.
Wednesday 10/16: You could come into some money on, or around, Wednesday. There will be communication that will change your home situation for the better.
Thursday 10/17: You could resolve some feud with your spouse, long-term partner, an ex, or your second child (if this applies). Either you will win a court case, or you will simply develop a new philosophy about the whole disagreement. There could arise an opportunity to travel.
Saturday 10/19: You could suddenly find that you have obtained a new career. You may also start your first day of work. This will open up a chain of positive benefits to your life including financial stability, a boost to your self-confidence, an improved mindset, and a joyous emotional state.


Sunday 10/13: You’ve had all kinds of unhealthy experiences that are going to become blazingly clear with the full moon. Notice within the tension where you have realized luck and true wealth of life. There could be a Sagittarius who has contributed to this, or you are simply embracing the gifts of Jupiter in making your life manifest how you should be. To learn more about this pick up my first book, How to Marry a Scorpio. You will learn so much about yourself! It’s a quick read with all kinds of insight you may never have understood about yourself.
Friday 10/18: Friday is a lucky money day for you but you have to make a decision. You might get an opportunity to make a big purchase but not know whether to finance it or pay cash. You could learn something about a breakup today that upsets you. This could be some new information about a relationship you had before, or a breakup between some friends. Whatever the case there is new surprising information that will come to light.
Saturday 10/19: Though you are sorting through wounds endured as a result of a past romance, your current long-term partner seems ready to take things to the next level. If you are not already, you could be getting engaged. For others, you may be trying to work through some issues. You may have sought out counseling. For single Scorpios, there could be love that is communicated to you that you may not have known about before. Someone might be head over heels for you much more than you had ever considered.


Sunday 10/13: The full moon will open up new opportunities for friendships or dating. It will reveal to you ways in which you need to adhere to your personal identity. Your money situation could be more solid, and so could your connection to the community. Figure out the tension that you are feeling in these areas. It seems there’s some aspect of yourself that you could improve that would all of a sudden open doors back up. You could talk to an ex-lover who opens up new opportunities for developing personal wealth so be open to these. Your money is on your mind on Sunday and you will intuitively get a sense of what you need to do to improve your assets.
Thursday 10/17: It’s a great money week for you. The last few years have been teaching you huge lessons. It may have seemed that everything was difficult but you were setting up your financial future. Thursday will be the first day that your home and money seem to come together. It’s possible that you will move in with a person with whom you’ve had a romance. There is a potential that this person will end up being your spouse. You might say goodbye to someone who you had been dating. Though there was love there you seem to be gravitating toward someone else who is connected to your home. You may be overcoming past wounds connected to your parents. An ongoing feud could be ending.
Saturday 10/19: Some social group that you are a part of, or event that you are invited to, could open up new opportunities for you. A friend, or person you are dating, might unexpectedly invite you out. This person could help you find an opportunity for financing something.


Sunday 10/13: You are dreaming of something that is the key to your luck. You could be highly activated at night, especially with the full moon energy. Everything is heightened. Your emotions regarding something, or someone, in your life who you had seen as unlucky, have changed. You now see that there are immense opportunities for luck and good fortune within something that had plagued you all summer. You may be inclined to take action. There could be risk involved in some bold move that you are about to make. Communication is how you will make things happen so really focus on having the best interactions possible in the coming days. Whatever you initiate will be well supported. You may have to step outside your ego a little to make progress though.
Tuesday 10/15: You might find something out that is communicated by someone who is a part of an organization that you belong to. This could be about someone you’re attracted to.
Thursday 10/17: You could get news that you won a legal battle. If you have court, mediation, or a meeting with lawyers it will go really well. For single Capricorns, you could meet someone through a community gathering or social event. That or you are going to hook up with someone you met through a social group. This person may be good for your reputation.
Saturday 10/19: This will be a great day for your home and spouse/long-term relationship. Everyone will be really excited. Your career seems to be connected to what you love, or whom you love. For single Capricorns, there could be someone at work who you are pining over.


Sunday 10/13: The full moon will indicate an ending for you so figure out what this is. Otherwise you are going to waste more time on something that is sucking life away from you. You might be fighting an old fight that just needs to be put to rest. Work on finding new opportunities to belong in social groups because these will help you significantly in establishing personal wealth. There is a romantic interest in your life that may have started as a fling. Now you are feeling not only love for the person, but also a place for them in your life. This person could make you a lot of money. They will also help you with your personal philosophy and introduce you to new spirituality. You could have a tantric awakening that will change your life. Intuitively you will know who this person is. You should also intuitively know who the person (or thing) is that you need to be letting go of. You have to get rid of the old to make room for the new.
Tuesday 10/15: Tuesday will arguably be the best day of the week for you. It’s going to be the first day where you’ve felt that things are kind of flowing. More so than anything has for a while. It seems that you’re highly active on an intuitive plane such as in your dream world, astral projection, or psychic connections. There is a love interest who is connected to your personal wealth. Communications with this person right now are connected to things you’ve worked on manifesting for quite some time. You may start to realize some dreams materialize in real life.
Saturday 10/19: There is a mild fight going on behind the scenes. It’s possibly occurring on a psychic level. Do not drag up old wounds regarding financial losses. Try to have a positive mindset. You may learn something concerning your health, or the health of a sibling, that will be great news.


Sunday 10/13: It seems that the full moon is affecting your money houses a lot. You will realize things that are taking away from your ability to earn money and maintain assets and stop devoting time to these things or people. Your career will be highlighted. It seems that there’s a lucky break finally! There could be an ending for you that involves a social group or income source. It’s possible that time that you will now be devoting to work could be taken away from some extra-curriculars. There could be someone who you will miss as a result of this. You may have had a crush on someone you were hanging out with in a group setting but you are more concerned with getting back on track at work. There could definitely be an ending to a relationship right now, or a fight with someone like an ex. Your best aspects involve pleasant communication with a lover. This person seems to be more of a booty call than relationship material though. At least for now. One of you might have friend-zoned the other. You could also be dealing with someone who is on the way out but you still have feelings for them. Just enjoy having someone who understands you and is pleasant to talk to. You don’t have to define anything right now. Really nice aspects will open up mid-week that will assist you in making all of the right changes in your life. The world will magically open up and there will be many opportunities for you.
Tuesday 10/15: Tuesday is such an amazing day for you! Your communication is important so don’t let yourself get emotional. It could cost you money. Keep your eye on the prize. Some person you have a sexual chemistry with is getting you major points in a social group. This person can also help you to find hidden assets. Figure out who this person is and lay it on THICK on Tuesday. You will thank me.

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