Social media is feeling less and less enjoyable these days. There is a shift going on and those who choose not to evolve are securely uniting in their low vibrational zombie world where they bitch about the most basic concepts and re-post nonsense. I know that Joe Rogan has millions of followers. I want to tap into this crowd. Where do all of these people collect? Definitely not in my cyber circle.

Capricorn is the planner of the zodiac so here I have put together the best dates of the month for you. If you are planning on getting plastic surgery, or undergoing a renovation of any sort, you will find what types of projects should coordinate with specific transits and aspects. Keep in mind that you are in your Saturn Return. Most signs would buckle under this sort of pressure but Capricorn is always ready. You’re going to unload some dead weight. Just keep locking it down. You’ve got this!

Today we feel the smoke clear. All of a sudden our path is laid out before us. We can see which way to go and any obstacles before the horizon. As we move along the path more will be revealed to us, but we are learning not to fear the unknown. As we conquer each battle we are more capable. Look back at challenges that you had in the past. You could get through that same challenge now and do it gracefully. Just take August in stride and enjoy it. The tough part of this year is over.

Sagittarius has suffered the most of all signs in the last three years. There have been no good aspects to Jupiter (ruler of Sag) since I started Romance Future this spring. Jupiter has been this outlier. You’ve been on a journey since your Saturn Return in early 2016. In 2019 you’ve been licking your wounds. You may have felt that you will never be whole again. You may have felt at times that you were finished. You could be crying tears of joy this month. The relief that you will be feeling will be overwhelming. August is a beautiful month for Sagittarius.

This Van Gogh quote captures the essence of Libra. Libra is the great lover of the zodiac. Quick to intervene where injustice is noticed. Always leaving things a little nicer when they leave. That is the quest of Libra. This month will be challenging for Libra but you will do well to remember your varied interests if your patience runs thin. Head out of the clouds. Focus on diligence in your work and securing tangible assets at home.

Women used to metropolitan living considering moving to environments that would facilitate a simpler kind of life, get ready to be disappointed. The fantasy that is ingrained in us that we’re going to “settle down” may be just that: A fantasy. We might be entering a period where the men do a little catching up. Here’s why…

Scorpio is quick to cut people off but there is one sign that you should keep in your back pocket if you can at all help it. This sign is important for your personal wealth so keep these people dear. And if you don’t, understand their energy and apply it to your life. This is the key to Scorpio’s wealth.

The subconscious mind is known as our “shadow” self. Until we get to know this shadow self we will be separated from our souls. When a person integrates shadow they are able to access their own subconscious mind, as well as the subconscious minds of those around them. This is pretty scary stuff. Not recommended for the faint of heart.

There could be some disturbing things going on in your home that you are finding out about this month. You will have a feeling about them as the month starts and they will be revealed on the 15th. This could be related to children. Make sure your communication with your children is exceptionally strong this month.

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