You have the potential this month to tap into lucrative guidance from your higher self but it will require being open. As you open your arms to divine guidance your material path will be paved with gold. You will thrive and your pain will be converted to joy. You will possess a grace in your way that flows from one in line with their soul path. Having a direct line of communication with your higher self is the most valuable thing that can happen in this life but the second most valuable comes after that occurs. You will have abundance make possible for you a life without worry. You will be able to enjoy your relationships and add value to those around you. This chain reaction will allow for you heaven on earth.

You have found some way to turn your personal pain into money and a fulfilling career. There’s some hiccup in how your work is received but you will fine tune it over time. It seems you’re heading down a new path career wise. This could be as simple as a side hustle developing. Your passion project may become your career soon, or you are working on something at work that is segmenting you into a new part of the company. You could be aligning with something that is more up your ally. It may not be a promotion but there could be a lateral move. There could also be potential for bonuses.

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