With Neptune in retrograde, you’ve likely gone inward somewhat in the last month to re-examine how you feel about major events in your life that have happened up until now. This means ALL major events. It’s likely that how you view all of these major events has changed drastically. Each one in a different way. This sounds as if it would be confusing but even so, it has helped you immensely. You may feel that your new understanding has helped you or that may come. But you have truly reached a level of peace concerning things that you never thought that you could get over.

There can be some unexpected revelations about someone you had long trusted. Don’t take it too personally. When you uncover people for what they really are you can see it as unsettling. You can also realize how solid you are as an individual. People are pretty weak and lazy in general. It takes a really exceptional individual to get out there and conquer all odds, deal with haters, motivate themselves to workout, and keep going when…

We entered into the Age of Aquarius in 2012. There have been spiritual awakenings as we move out of the 2000+ years in the Age of Pisces. The deep, dark secrets of the Age of Pisces are drying out and rising up. All of this heaviness from the Age of Pisces is now floating around in the ethereal sphere and making the air thick. Kundalini energy flow is all about establishing harmony among all of the chakras. It seems that collectively we’re clearing blockages and an Aquarius will be the first to jump on the bandwagon of social progress. To find out more, read this in depth analysis of the planetary energies affecting Aquarius as we start out August.

The best energies of the day for career seem to be over the lunch hour today. There may be talks of a new company wellness plan in the late morning. You then may have a romantic encounter over the lunch hour. Click below to find out more!

As we gear up to expand abundance in our lives in August, we need to learn to let go of thought patterns that will not serve this new acquisition mindset. Click the blue “View More” below to learn how to start retraining your brain. It’s a step-by-step process and we’re going to use the phases of the moon for the greatest manifestation.

Use the Venus energy in the 12th house in the early AM right now to eliminate consciously from your life that which is not contributing beauty. Change your thought patterns to love in others what you had before seen as faults. As you do this the vibration will be released into the universe and you will experience those who embrace you wholeheartedly.

Renegade gambling souls who go out and break new ground are feeling an ebb in the wave of life. This long, drawn out ebb is continuing to remove what no longer serves you to make room for great gains coming up. Expect abundance to start rolling in at the 1st of August.


The Full Moon in July is also a Lunar Eclipse! It’s called the Buck Moon because bucks grow their horns at this time of year. This moon is all about realizations and then finding the power to make the necessary changes to usher in everything you’ve ever wanted! Sounds good, right? Click “View More” below this to read the Full Moon Manifestation Guide for July. Step-by-step instructions leading you through the end of July and into August.

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