Planetary energies today indicate that there will be advantages to using technology early in the day to propel you at work. The early bird gets the worm! Be careful what you share over the lunch hour. Might be a good day to take lunch alone and watch Romance Future horoscopes! Romantic evening Monday night with LTR. Sexy time.

Virgo is the earth sign that rules the 6th house of illness where Venus was sitting at the time of the earthquake. There is a double earth element there. And Mercury (ruler of Virgo) is shifting retrograde right now while conjunct Mars, the planet of war. Be aware of these energies. When mother earth is this upset we really need to pay attention to what’s going on in the world. Natural disasters often coincide with acts of aggression.

It’s likely that you’re very in touch with your dark side. This makes you more forthcoming with others. You don’t have deep dark secrets that you haven’t addressed. You are likely very open and honest about your own idiosyncrasies with others, which in turn allows you a return honesty and closeness with them. You likely have friendships with odd types and recluses. These people feel comfortable around you.

There are endings to long established old ways of doing things. Add to that Jupiter retrograde in your 9th house of religion, culture, higher learning and travel. It may seem that there is no strong belief system to adhere to anymore. This is why you need to focus on your own family unit. Build a strong fortress in the home that you’ve created. Know yourself. Try not to look externally for answers right now.

There’s someone temperamental and sassy at work who’s somehow in your back pocket. This person is activating wealth in your life. There could be something that you talk to them about that activates an epiphany for you regarding your personal finances. It’s doubtful that you’re letting on to anyone that you’re scoring huge right now. It’s Lotto time and you’re throwing elbows to anyone who gets in your way. Sneaky elbows that is. You don’t want to come across rude. It’s always in your benefit to be nice. You don’t know other people’s loyalties.

You have found some way to turn your personal pain into money and a fulfilling career. There’s some hiccup in how your work is received but you will fine tune it over time. It seems you’re heading down a new path career wise. This could be as simple as a side hustle developing. Your passion project may become your career soon, or you are working on something at work that is segmenting you into a new part of the company. You could be aligning with something that is more up your ally. It may not be a promotion but there could be a lateral move. There could also be potential for bonuses.

There is a deep love that defies all time and space. It is overwhelming for you. This person has the ability to heal you in this life from any illnesses you struggle with. Your health, be it physical or emotional, improves with this person in your life. It feels as if you’ve known them forever and likely YOU HAVE. They are attractive and karmically connected to you. You feel at peace around them. This spiritual connection may be upsetting your previous dating situation.

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