Saturday is complicated but only if you make it that way. There’s an air of butting heads throughout the day between new philosophy and old wisdom. The key to success on Saturday is integrating both sides into a divine whole. Duality ends when we are one. This is your chance to resolve any rifts in your life and move forth always as the bigger person. If more people did this there would be no more small people.

I’ve been talking about the Venus cazimi for a while now in the monthly readings. It is here! The energies starting today will be of love, beauty, wealth and abundance. Keep the bankroll going strong with some key pointers starting out this beautiful aspect. We have the added benefit of Uranus in Taurus conjunct Aphrodite. This magnifies Venus energy even more. We essentially have Venus energy dwarfing all else while it materializes beautiful things using the power of great benefic Jupiter. Good fortune should bless those with heavy Venus, Jupiter, or Uranus influence in their charts. This is everyone’s opportunity to be a little flashy. You deserve it! Life needs to be fun. Show off a little this month.

We’re gearing up for the first day of school for a lot of families next week so your back-to-school guide is included in this reading. Thursday is a great day to get everything prepped for school so you can tie up any loose ends this weekend. The general energy of the day is Jupiter focused. There is a lucky energy to anything involving love, beauty, comfort, indulging and self-expression. The energies to avoid are keeping secrets and pulling the wool over others’ eyes. These will not be well received and you may experience uncomfortable retaliation.

Congratulations you’ve made it! To those who have endured the most staggering challenges through this summer, you are being rewarded with great gifts. If you end up with a shiny new car in the driveway with a gigantic bow on it you might just be guided by Jupiter. Get ready for some amazing good fortune in the months and year to come!

There are celestial indications that a fight is going on. A fight toward the unknown. Leading this battle is Mars, the great warrior. Mars moves ahead clearing a path for the sun and Venus for the upcoming cazimi. Those who have fought for a long while should consider tonight your finish line. You are there. Don’t lie down. Tomorrow is the most beautiful day of the year. Power through and collect your prize.

Today is complicated. It’s not as cut-and-dried zen as yesterday. Yesterday was all about concrete progress. Today feels like a mess. It’s more about conquering your own thought spirals and focusing on manifesting your dreams than being social. Tonight you might meet up with people after a long day of creating. Make something beautiful today.

Start writing down the exact times of day where you feel tense and when your mind wanders. Keep track of the dates too and where you are if you travel a lot. What city are you in? What are you doing? Also write down the dates, times, and cities of events that you’re having trouble getting over. The in depth analysis is $299 and will include for you trigger points and explanations for your particular challenges and how to overcome them. Please send payment via Paypal to and email your dates and explanations to that address. You can also send the dates, times and places in video or audio memo format. Please allow 3-5 days for report completion.

How you feel translates into what you attract. I’ve noticed that some diets put you in this lack mode. It makes things fly out of your life, including fat. But you can be in abundance mindset and be skinny if you are at the highest frequencies. True health is vibrant and doesn’t store fat. Fat is a parasite. It’s this entity that lives in unhappy flesh.

Starting out the day today is about personal wealth management. The energy is of directing the flow inward. Resources appear where they were not available before. Your space will be respected as you set boundaries. Create those for yourself today. Figure out some area of your life where you need space and take it.

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