There is so much happening in the chart for Leo this month! This can apply to all of us in the area of our lives governed by our sun sign. Look at where the sun falls in your chart. Also look at the house Leo rules for additional clues. There is a lot going on in August related to pets, past loved ones, health, discoveries, messages from beyond, communication and coworkers.

I’ve been watching Las Vegas housing trends for 15 years now and it’s a highly unstable market perfect for gamblers. After the recession I moved to Los Angeles and started selling real estate. I worked with a developer who specialized in tear downs that were rebuilt in a modern style and sold for record breaking values per square foot. I see certain trends now as California people and industries are moving to Las Vegas. I can see a potential for similar polarization in the housing market in Las Vegas as it pertains to elite cash buyers vs working class people who rely on financing.

People think that weight gain is a lack of control but it can actually be a mechanism of control. It’s a defense mechanism. When the pressure gets too much and you want all eyes OFF you there could be an influx of weight. You may be shocked yourself. This is all happening as a result of the power of our unconscious minds.

You have the potential this month to tap into lucrative guidance from your higher self but it will require being open. As you open your arms to divine guidance your material path will be paved with gold. You will thrive and your pain will be converted to joy. You will possess a grace in your way that flows from one in line with their soul path. Having a direct line of communication with your higher self is the most valuable thing that can happen in this life but the second most valuable comes after that occurs. You will have abundance make possible for you a life without worry. You will be able to enjoy your relationships and add value to those around you. This chain reaction will allow for you heaven on earth.

The Gemini August horoscope might be difficult for some to read. It seems there is someone in your life who is being overlooked. At least this is the sense that they feel. You may be providing for someone yet not in the ways that they need. If you adjust communication slightly it could mean the difference between a life of torment for someone you love, or loved at one point, and a life of freedom, personal growth, self-confidence, success, and emotional well-being.

We all know that men love women in their 20s. Let’s get real. It’s a vibrant time of life where everyone looks great and wants to have fun. But some of us look better as we get older. Not everyone knows how to pull it together in their youth. So what makes these attractive and vibrant women, as they reach their 30s, the lady who stays at home with her pets watching Netflix? I’ve put together my Top 7 reasons that explain WHY men prefer the 20s age group when it’s an option.

Retrograde Mercury is exactly conjunct Venus. Both are within 8 degrees of the sun which some astrologers consider a “combustion.” That would mean that the energy of the often feared Mercury Retrograde will not be felt, nor will the power of Mercury at all if you believe in the combustion theory. The sun’s energy is too powerful to feel planets this close. There might be an emptiness to communication. A feeling like, “No one gets me why bother.” The same with Venus. Venus is an exciting planet for most. It rules love and beauty. With Venus combust we might feel that our surroundings are less than enchanting. We may feel an emptiness in our hearts too.


The upcoming new moon is in Leo with Venus present. This is all about the solar plexus and heart chakra, while new moons are about manifesting abundance. This seems like a great combination of energies but if you look closer there are some important intricacies to consider when manifesting on August 1st. We need a foundation of the things that give us life and make us whole before we can manifest the beauty that makes life enchanting. August is all about manifesting the most exquisite life we can dream up. This will serve as the foundation for the amount of love and success we can attract in the future.

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